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What do you think are the most important aspects of a conference or seminar for staff?

Firstly you need to establish what you want to achieve from the event. Is it a reward? Is it imparting information? Is it team building? Is it educational? Is it a combination of some or all of these? Once you have decided what the event is for you can look at how best to get the message or messages across. CLIFFORD Solutions are pleased to help with this aspect and can advise on content, presenters, format and any theme to the event.

What should we avoid in our conference?

Long presentations can lead delegates to lose concentration. Make sure presenters are adequately rehearsed and that all presentations are checked for inconsistency, duplication or even worse, contradiction. Try to mix up sessions involving changes of media (presentations, DVDs, music etc) and where possible get some audience participation. Facilitated ‘breakout’ sessions can help to get people involved and keep their interest high. Make sure you have enough breaks.

We are thinking of running customer seminars as a way of attracting new business. Any tips?

If you are running seminars as a business generation exercise there are a number of things to think about. Getting the right customers to come – it is easy to ask existing clients but are they who you want to see? Make the event look and sound professional. An LCD projector wedged on beer mats on a wobbly table will not look good. People who cannot hear properly at the back of the room will not be impressed. You need to portray a professional image. Make sure your presenters are good. The technical expert on the subject may not be the best presenter. You can have your technical expert there to deal with questions but the quality of the presenter is paramount. Try lunch or breakfast meetings. Staying behind for a bite to eat allows time for informal follow up. Get enough staff along to engage customers. Try for as high a ratio of staff to customers as you can achieve, otherwise potential business will walk away. If you have handouts make sure they are relevant and have full contact details. A copy of the slides alone does not make a good handout. Don’t be frightened of asking for follow up appointments at the event. Think of ‘what is in it’ for your customer and make sure your event provides it Give good information but leave your audience wanting more!


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