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Presentation Skills Training

What do we think the issue is with currently available presentation skills training?

It is generic and does not focus on the specific needs of the client.

At Clifford Solutions we tailor all presentation skills training to the needs of the client.  Working within the 10 ‘P’s principles ( see below ) we develop training to meet the exact skill requirements of the individual or group.  We can deliver to small groups ( 6 – 10 ) or to individuals who need a bit of help for that important presentation. This can be from half a day to two full days for the larger groups. 

We cannot make a poor presenter into a great orator but we can make a poor presenter an awful lot better quite quickly using the 10 Ps!

What Are The 10 Ps?

Personal Appearance - How to best present yourself

Position - Where to stand to ensure maximum impact on the audience

Prompt Cards - How to use presentation prompts properly

Positioning - How to position what you want to say

Practice - Practise makes your presentation skills perfect

Passion - Show you have passion for your subject matter

Pace Power Pause - How to make your presentation interesting by changing the speed and tone of your presentation

Please Don’ts - What not to do when giving your presentation

PowerPointover use - How to avoid putting your whole presentation script on your PowerPoint slides.

PowerPoint – under use - How to best add visuals to your slideshow to show information and entertain your audience

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