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Event Management

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Event Planning & Event Management

Conferences, seminars, award dinners, product launches - we can help at any event or gathering where you want to make an impact and look professional.

Clifford Solutions make your event look and feel special. Whether it's the venue, staging, lighting, speakers or the theme, we can help. From the smallest of gatherings to 1,000 people plus, we can take care of your event planning and event management requirements.

From the start, one of the directors of Clifford Solutions will take personal ownership of your event, pulling together all the strands involved. Event planning includes managing venues, staging, DVD creation, presentation creation, presenter coaching, communications, entertainment, and guest speakers, leaving you free to do other things. We can also set up Internet booking for delegates, making your event booking process as easy as possible.

Meetings are held as required by you. We ensure that everyone involved is kept up to date so that they are clear on what is happening and what needs to happen.

After the event, Clifford Solutions can arrange feedback and analysis so that events evolve to meet the needs of your comapany and your delegates.

Our recent clients include HSBC Bank, Ovenu and Kinetico UK Ltd.

For the HSBC event, Clifford Solutions managed the negotiations with 15 external providers who sponsored the event. In addition to the staging of the main auditorium, we created a 'market place' exhibition where the supporting companies displayed their stands to the delegates. Clifford Solutions provided all audio visual equipment in the main hall and in the market place. We also chose a guest speaker who was very well received by the audience. His inspirational message resonated with the issues facing the financial markets.

The Ovenu AGM is a gathering of franchisees from a very successful oven cleaning business. For this event Clifford Solutions undertook the entire pre-event delegate booking activity as well as managing the event on the day. A venue was selected, audio visual equipment was installed and two speakers provided - one being Martin Fisher, a director of Clifford Solutions, himself.

Martin speaks on a number of subjects and has a book on gaining respect as a manager being launched in 2010.

Clifford Solutions run a dealer awards weekend for Kinetico UK Ltd. This involves arranging entertainment for two nights, staging the awards ceremony, creating all the DVDs and visuals to go with it and arranging daytime entertainment. This is an extremely important event as it is only the company's top dealers who are invited to attend.

Clifford Solutions also run a fun evening that is perfect for conferences and events where some entertainment is required. Delegates are split into teams and compete in a beer, wine and music quiz! There is some education provide on the wine front and everybody gets involved as there are very few people who don't like either beer, wine or music! This evening can be as part of an overall event or run as a standalone session.

Tip; get the professionals involved at the very earliest stage otherwise important aspects can be missed.

Clifford Solutions simply provide Value for Money!