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Event Managers & Staff

Here at Clifford Solutions we don't underestimate the importance of first impressions when arriving at your conference, seminar or any other event. Under manager Maggie Davis our team are professional, knowledgeable and welcoming to your guests. We always get plaudits from clients as to the quality of our team:

"Your front of house team are superb, always friendly and they always know exactly what is going on"
                                              Just one of many positive comments following a recent event.

Our team is experienced at working in this type of environment and understands what makes an event go well. They are all in permanently in touch with each other by two way radio so any issues that arise are dealt with without delay.

Prior to the event we brief the venue fully, in writing, on all aspects of the event from times of arrivals, VIPs, disability requirements, times of breaks and the like, so there are no misunderstandings on the day. Food menus are selected which give a broad range of options while catering for any particular dietary needs.

The team work closely with the venues own event manager and staff to make sure that things go as smoothly as possible. They are fully aware of VIPs and important guests so that they get the treatment you require.

Tip; do not underestimate the value of an experienced team - relying on 'the guys in the office' can work - but often doesn't!

Clifford Solutions simply provide Value for Money!