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Event Management

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We can provide all or any of the above!


How do I go about arranging a conference / seminar?

Good question! The first two major things to establish are the date you want the event to take place and the budget you have. It is essential to give as much notice as possible if you want to guarantee the venue of your choice. As an example most of the quality venues in the Birmingham/East Midlands area fill very quickly due to their central location and convenient access to the motorway network.

Establish your budget. It makes for a much easier process if an approximate budget has been agreed. We can then work within your figures making suggestions as appropriate.

What is your theme? Is it education? Is it information? Is it team building? Is a combination? This is where professional assistance from outside is extremely valuable. A successful conference is not one where a stream of speakers read long speeches while hiding behind lecterns.

Establish your timescales. Are delegates expected to travel the morning of the event – if so what time is reasonable to start? Are delegates staying overnight? If so are you providing entertainment during the evening?

Are you having guest speakers? If so, CLIFFORD Solutions can help with arranging a good, and more importantly relevant, speaker. You could have an ex Prime Minister or Gold Medal Olympian if you wanted!

Most importantly of all is to involve a professional conference management company early in proceedings. CLIFFORD Solutions will be pleased to discuss your requirements.


How can I save money but maintain or improve quality?

CLIFFORD Solutions are experts in gaining sponsorship for your event. We would be happy to talk to you to show how some or all of the cost can be met by others.


How do I get help for the speakers?

CLIFFORD Solutions will work with speakers to help them present effectively. This work can run from advice as what to wear (eat your heart out Trinny and Susannah!) through to presentation style and content. CLIFFORD Solutions run programmes for people to develop their presentation skills. These programmes develop CLIFFORD Solutions ‘10P Principles’ which are

Personal appearance - how do you present yourself?
Position - Where do you stand to make maximum impact?
Prompt cards - The effective use of these frees you from the constraints of the lectern.
Positioning - How do you position what you are going to say - watch the News at Ten for tips……..
Practice - Practice and rehearse!
Passion - Passion shows in the way you speak and the body language you use.
Pace Power Pause - These are the most effective tools in making your presentation interesting and ensuring people listen to you.
Please don’ts - Racism, sexism, ageism, in fact any ‘ism’ - not funny or clever!
PowerPoint – over use - Don't go for the 'script on a slide' approach.
PowerPoint – under use - Use PowerPoint to enhance your presentation and appeal to those delegates who have a visual preference in how they receive information.

CLIFFORD Solutions will work with you on all aspects.


How should the event look?

Professional! CLIFFORD Solutions can make any event look professional from a simple set to West End style staging.


If there was one piece of advice you would wish to give?

Call CLIFFORD Solutions - obviously! The point here is to involve conference professionals at the earliest possible stage.