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Entertainment Package

Why not combine entertainment with a team activity for you conference or seminar?

Here at Clifford Solutions we offer a fun evening that appeals to everyone! Based on the fact that 83% of people like wine, 62% of people like beer and 99% of people enjoy music then a combination of the three must be a winner. (We apologise to the .006% that don’t like any of the three activities...All statistics totally made up!).

How does the session run?

Well, most people like competition, so we run one! Teams will have the chance to taste and guess at wines from around the world, they can taste and guess at beers and lagers from far and wide and they will have a number of music quiz questions to deal with between tastings. This will be spot the intro’s, who covered the song, what year and the like.

Something for everyone!

You will get clues and information about the wines and beers you taste – some will be real and some might lead you down the garden path! You will have to learn quickly which clues you can trust.....

What about the blindfold challenge? Ah, can’t tell you too much about that other than it may involve a willing volunteer from the two leading teams........chosen by us.

Points are added, scores compared and winners announced – A handsome prize awaits the winners!

At Clifford Solutions we can put together any entertainment package you require. 

From  magicians to jugglers to groups or a full orchestra - please call for details