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Corporate DVD Production & Video Services

Clifford Solutions provide corporate DVD production services to a wide range of businesses. We currently film a weekly news item for a Polish information website in the UK and have recently filmed the 'talking heads' for a new business advisory company 'The Business Business'.

Clifford Solutions offer 'on the day' filming at conferences. Delegates are interviewed during breaks in the morning and the video is compiled and edited so that it can be shown during the afternoon sessions. It is very powerful to have people on screen who are actually in the audience!

At conferences, seminars and events, Clifford Solutions are asked to provide an opening 'video' to signal the start of the event and to communicate valuable information to delegates in a quick and enjoyable way.

We can also provide a live camera at your conference so that speakers are projected onto a large screen, enabling delegates to see them more clearly.

The range and cost of our corporate videos depends on a number of things such as the location and the required output format (i.e. if your film is for web streaming only or whether broadcast quality is required). We use non copyright music to add to the effect (or copyright music subject to payment of the relevant royalties).

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Tip: Don't be frightened of the cost of video work - it can be much more economic than you realise.

Clifford Solutions simply provide Value for Money!