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Conference & Business Speakers

We can enhance your event, conference or seminar by the inclusion of a guest conference speaker. Through our many contacts we can source the best conference speakers and business speakers for your event, taking into consideration your needs, the audience and your budget. Whether you want a formal business speaker or a motivational session we can source the very best.

What should you look for in a speaker? What is the message you want to get across?

Speakers can be categorised and this list is not exhaustive;

Business Speakers - these are focused experts and they will have a powerful business message, which can often be built upon after the event. There will be some direct action delegates can take as result. Richard Denny is a great example of this type of speaker, one who is a great presenter, very motivational and talks a lot of business sense! Richard is also a bestselling author with books in 27 countries around the world.

Motivational speakers - who have achieved great things. This people inspire by their actions and attitude. There is not always a direct business message but they make people think 'If they can achieve - so can I'. They can have very positive attitudinal change effect on members of the audience. Geoff Holt is a great example being the first, and so far only, disabled sailor to sail singlehanded around the UK - and is a great presenter. Geoff is planning to sail across the Atlantic in December.

Entertainers - just what it says 'on the tin'! They entertain and leave people with a feel good factor. There is not necessarily a business message or motivation - it just makes people feel good!

The list is not exhaustive and of course many conference speakers offer a combination but all will have a main focus. At Clifford Solutions we try to get the right speaker in front of the right audience at the right time.

Tip: If you have paid for a good speaker - put them on at the end of the event - don't come back on after them with sales figures, administrative issues or the like - go out on a high!

Clifford Solutions simply provide Value for Money!