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Case Study - Event Planning

A major High Street Bank approached CLIFFORD Solutions to run a series of national roadshows for their Independent Financial Advisers. This involved contacting 8 of the companies who provide them with financial products for sale to their customers. The providers were asked to sponsor the event and CLIFFORD Solutions negotiated terms with all parties that were acceptable and met with FSA (Financial Services Authority) rules and regulations.

On gaining agreement CLIFFORD Solutions event planning created an agenda where the individual sessions run by the providers covered the areas required by the bank. They arranged a series of meetings culminating in a full rehearsal day so that all could see what the others were doing, avoiding duplications and contradictions. A DVD was created that set the scene for the day and this was scripted, filmed and edited by CLIFFORD Solutions.

CLIFFORD Solutions also wrote the main presentation for the bank and worked with the speakers in terms of delivering with maximum impact.

At the 5 events, which were nationwide, CLIFFORD Solutions created the stage sets, acted as stage managers and managed the event from the delegates arriving, through to breakout sessions and lunches.

A total of 1,000 people attended and feedback was collected and analysed for the bank by CLIFFORD Solutions. Full feedback was given to all participants the same day as the event allowing any minor changes necessary to take place for the next day.

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